Chapter Mentor Program

Do you have a development challenge within your local chapter? CHAMPS, (Chapters Helping APA-chapters Make Payroll Shine) is a chapter-to-chapter referral and networking service for chapter members across the nation. Chapters faced with unique issues can often find smart answers from other more experienced chapter leaders.

Available only to APA national members of local chapters, the referral service is to be used only for chapter development issues, not payroll issues.*

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Volunteer for CHAMPS

If your chapter has had positive results and success in a specific area, and you would be willing to volunteer to share your ideas, suggestions, or advice to help out other APA chapter members, we invite you to sign up to be a CHAMPS volunteer today!


*The APA Hotline Referral Service and the APA ListServ are available for APA members who need assistance with payroll-related questions.