Education & Certification


Global Payroll

Courses designed to ensure effective and efficient payroll processes that traverse international borders.

Global Payroll Operations

Understand how to have an effective and efficient global payroll operation through effective strategies and systems.

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5th Annual Global Payroll Management Forum

Progressive global payroll education and enhanced networking opportunities for professionals in payroll, accounts payable, finance, HR, and benefits.

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Global Payroll Management Certificate Program

Learn to overcome the challenges a global payroll faces such as standardization, consistency, and building an internal structure that supports paying employees worldwide.

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Advanced Global Payroll Management Certificate Program

Develop the skills to establish business partnerships and provide metrics and data to construct a world-class global payroll organization.

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Payroll Administration in the U.K.

This comprehensive week-long course provides the skills, knowledge, and abilities to ensure the proper steps are taken when paying employees in compliance with the United Kingdom's laws and regulations.

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Payroll Administration in Canada

This comprehensive week-long course helps you successfully manage cross-border payroll operations while keeping the company in compliance.

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Canadian Payrolls Preparing for Year-End

Learn the guidelines required to successfully process year-end payroll in Canada.

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Managing Payroll Operations Across the Globe

Explore how people, processes, and technology interconnect as you lead a global payroll operation delivering timely payments and ensuring taxation and other compliance requirements are met.

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