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Compliance – Hot Topics

Find out what compliance topics payroll professionals are focusing
on this year.

MAY 2022

Compliance TV

In this edition:

  • Department of Education Extends Federal Student Loan Relief
  • Treasury Proposes Clarifications for On-Demand Pay
  • DHS Further Extends Temporary Requirements for Form I-9 Compliance
  • IRS Announces HSA Limits for 2023

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Payroll Tax Forum

The Payroll Tax Forum is a critical mid-year update that includes the latest payroll compliance changes coming from Congress and federal agencies such as the IRS, SSA, DOL, and the Department of Homeland Security.

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GPMI Certificate Programs

GPMI provides outstanding training programs to advance the careers of global payroll professionals. These certificate programs provide in-depth training covering a wide range of topics in the global payroll arena.

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APA’s Guide to Federal and State Garnishment Laws

Get the information you need to confidently process federal and state wage withholding orders, including child support withholding orders, federal tax levies, student loan garnishments, federal and state agency debt collections, and bankruptcy orders, while also complying with federal and state laws restricting certain deductions.

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APA's Guide to Federal and State Wage & Hour Laws

Obtain access to all you need to know to comply with federal and state laws governing minimum wages, overtime, exempt vs. nonexempt employees, child labor restrictions, and much more. Important state requirements are presented in easy-to-read charts.

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