Education & Certification


Payroll Analyst

The following jobs outline payroll positions for the Payroll Analyst Learning Path. Their job descriptions will aid in determining which Learning Path best fits your needs.

Job Descriptions

Payroll Accountant/Payroll Analyst
Payroll Records/Benefits Administrator
Payroll Tax Administrator
Payroll Systems Coordinator
Payroll Systems Analyst

Assess your knowledge

The web-based Knowledge Assessment Calculator(s) helps identify the payroll knowledge required for an entry-level payroll position. Use this tool to set a baseline for the Learning Path and return to it at any time to evaluate your progress.

Increase your knowledge

Instructor-led core competency education from the APA:

Understand payroll trends

Stay abreast of the latest compliance and industry trends by taking advantage of compliance education.

Complete your learning path through certification

Attaining the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) verifies mastery of payroll knowledge, skills, and abilities and is recognized by the payroll industry as the gold standard in payroll certification.

Continue your professional development

Attending conferences is a great way to earn continuing education credit toward recertification, meet other payroll professionals, and stay up-to-date with the latest in payroll industry trends, compliance, and hot topics.