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Payroll Operations

Education geared toward efficiently and effectively running a payroll organization.
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Implementing Payroll Best Practices

Develop a best practices plan for your office by examining organizational structures and models, internal controls, methods of service delivery, and more.

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Lean Payroll

APA's course Lean Payroll can help you reduce expenses by looking at all processes and how departments are connected.

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Strategic Leadership Certificate Program

Develop the qualities of effective leaders including awareness of self and others, effective communication, and relationship building.

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Payroll Systems Selection and Implementation

Overcome the challenges of selecting and implementing a new payroll system for your organization.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Forum

Focus on the federal and state information needed to ensure compliance and reduce expenses during a merger or acquisition.

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Payroll Operations Webinars

Receive concise information to ensure your organization properly handles recordkeeping, customer service, and error resolution.

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