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PayTalk Podcast

PayTalk Podcast

PayTalk is a monthly podcast created by the American Payroll Association (APA) with the goal of sharing earned knowledge from high-level payroll professionals to the greater industry at large. Join us each month as we take a look at the leaders behind the payroll processes. Whether you’re just starting out in payroll or are a seasoned professional, PayTalk will help uncover the insights needed to unlock the next stage of your career.

About Our Host
Nina Talley is a creative content professional who has been developing engaging experiences for high-level topics like software and healthcare for more than a decade. She previously served as the Creative Director of Health Innovators, the largest health-tech community in the southeast. During this time, she launched MeGa Health Jam, one of the country's first healthcare-focused game jams. Nina has also served as the Content Director for Rainbows of Aging, helping to cultivate the community-facing aspects of landmark LGBTQ+ research projects. In her downtime, you'll likely find her pursuing her creative writing, or petting a dog.

Nina Talley, Podcast Host

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EPISODE 2: APA’s Newest President

In this podcast: (available June 4, 2020)

  • Find out how APA’s newest President begins her term virtually and what it was like being sworn in
  • Learn the role volunteering plays in paving your path to success
  • Explore the impact the pandemic has had on the payroll profession


EPISODE 1: The Strategic Payroll Professional

In this podcast:

  • Hear how the payroll profession has evolved
  • Find out how the payroll professional helps to drive strategic decisions
  • Explore those strategic decisions needed in today’s demanding compliance needs