Writer's Guidelines

So, you’d like to write for PAYTECH?

Whether you’re an experienced writer or just getting started, we can use your knowledge and expertise and will work with you to create an article.

If you’re ready to get involved as a PAYTECH contributing writer, the following guidelines will help you:

  • Use experiences from your professional life to create a newsworthy article—a challenge you have met, a software implementation, or a process that saves time and money.
  • Show readers, through specific examples, how to apply your insights to their situations. A case study is only valuable to readers when you focus on providing how-to insights rather than merely describing the chronology of events.
  • Double-check the accuracy of your article. Verify every fact, date, and figure. If you are quoting a fact, statistic, or example, be sure to include attribution. Don’t use footnotes; rather, incorporate the attribution directly into the sentence (e.g. According to the January 2018 issue of Payroll Currently, the Backup Withholding tax rate decreases to 24%).
  • Write as you would speak. If you need a technical term for accuracy and clarity, explain it in layman’s terms. Jargon and acronyms also warrant two words of caution: Assume nothing. Explain the jargon; spell out the acronym.
  • Begin to write freely and don’t attempt perfection on the first draft. Simply get all of your thoughts down. Feel free to use subheads to help break up your thoughts and transition the reader from one thought to another.
  • Use bullets if you find yourself writing a laundry list of items. Bulleted lists really help visually make your words stand out.
  • When it comes to story length, the general rule is, whatever it takes to tell readers what they need to know. Most PAYTECH feature articles range from 1,000-2,000 words. In most cases, shorter is better.
  • When it comes to deadlines, keep in mind that PAYTECH’s print production cycle is about three months long—i.e., an article published in April issue needs to be turned in by January.

Photo Requirements

Size at least 5 inches x 7 inches
Format .jpg
Resolution at least 300 dpi (or 1-2 MB file size)

Want to Volunteer?

Log in using your APA member ID and then under the "Membership tab," click "Join a Committee." Select the APA’s Board of Contributing Writers committee from the list.