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The APA Payroll ListServ is an exclusive members-only benefit. Email questions to the registered ListServ members and receive answers back from your peers.


To ASK a question:

  • Hit 'REPLY' in your email program to any List Digest.
  • Make the subject of your question the subject line of the email.
  • In the body of the message type your question.
  • Include any background information that would help List members answer your question.
  • DELETE the Digest if your email program copies the original message into the reply.

To ANSWER a question:

Include a copy of the question you are responding to -- including the subject line -- with your response**. This is required. Due to the volume of questions, it is not possible for the List Moderator to match responses to questions.

Do not change the subject wording, even if you think you can write a better description of the question.

**To include the question in your response:

  1. Highlight the question, including the subject line and name of questioner
  2. Simultaneously press 'CONTROL' and 'C' (this will copy the question)
  3. Press 'Reply' on your email program
  4. Position the cursor in the top left corner of the message
  5. Simultaneously press 'CONTROL' and 'V' (this will paste the original question at the top of the message)
  6. Highlight and delete the List Digest from the message (if your email program copies the entire email into a response)
  7. Type your response to the question