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2023 Payroll Congress

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What is the American Payroll Association (APA)?
Who is eligible for membership in the American Payroll Association?
How many members are in the APA?
How much does it cost to join the American Payroll Association?
How Can I Volunteer?
How do I contact the APA?
Do I receive Recertification Credit Hours (RCHs) with my membership?
Where is the APA located?
How do I access my Payroll Currently?
I have a specific payroll question I need assistance with, who can I ask?
What is APA's membership, product and business taxability?
Can a Membership be transferred to another employee?

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How can I make edits to my user profile?
Can I retrieve my password if I've forgotten it?
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APA Bookshelf

What is the APA Bookshelf?
What are the System Requirements for the APA Bookshelf?
I received an error message saying, "Your access control for: has expired." What do I do?
I received an error message saying, "You have exceeded the maximum number of user sessions allowed under your license." What does that mean?
I need help navigating or printing from My Bookshelf.

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How can I view APA course offerings?
How can I view the APA's list of publications?
What is the Product Finder?


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How can I get a copy of a receipt for a purchase I made?
How can I pay a balance on an order?
How do I access the Webinar I purchased?
How do I access the Webinar on Demand I purchased?
I purchased a publication subscription, how do I access my purchase?