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PayTalk Podcast

PayTalk Podcast

PayTalk is a monthly podcast created by the American Payroll Association (APA) and the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI) with the goal of sharing earned knowledge from high-level payroll professionals to the greater industry at large. Join us each month as we take a look at the leaders behind the payroll processes. Whether you’re just starting out in payroll or are a seasoned professional, PayTalk will help uncover the insights needed to unlock the next stage of your career.

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EPISODE 13: How to Navigate Payroll's Legal Pitfalls

In this podcast: (available May 7, 2021)

  • The most common legal payroll issues
  • What happens in a payroll legal audit
  • What to do if a lawsuit ensues



EPISODE 12: An American Take on Global Payroll

In this podcast:

  • Insight into setting up global payroll operations
  • Where to find global payroll resources
  • How to overcome challenges to global payroll

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EPISODE 11: The Evolution of Payroll's Technological Revolution

In this podcast:

  • How payroll strategy and technology marry together
  • What a modern global payroll manager looks like
  • The things a payroll professional should be aware of as their work becomes more visible


EPISODE 10: Data Driven Storytelling in Payroll

In this podcast:

  • Uncover the power of visual storytelling through data
  • Learn the core technology competencies needed to harness data
  • Find out the future of data collection and reporting

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EPISODE 9: Stoking a Passion for Payroll

In this podcast:

  • What drives you to keep improving payroll
  • How to stay engaged and have fun
  • The skills and competencies most important for global payroll



EPISODE 8: 2020's Impact on Unemployment Insurance

In this podcast:

  • The biggest changes to unemployment insurance
  • Best practices to deal with employers operating across multiple states
  • How these changes will continue to evolve in 2021

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EPISODE 7: Farewell 2020: Year-End Prep

In this podcast:

  • Reconciliations – Why important, Who requires them
  • Forms W-2 questions
  • COVID-19 impact on year-end processes

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EPISODE 6: How Trends Today Help Define the Payroll of Tomorrow

In this podcast:

  • Top three results from the Global Payroll Benchmarking Survey
  • The need for a global payroll strategy
  • The future of payroll with next generation technology, pay on demand, and more


EPISODE 5: Unlocking the Power of Payroll Certifications

In this podcast:

  • Preparing for the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exam
  • Benefits of a CPP designation for your career
  • Tips to grow your career exponentially after the CPP


EPISODE 4: The Era of Payments as Policy: Part Two

In this podcast:

  • Predictions for future Economic Impact Payments
  • Insight into the pros and cons of prepaid cards
  • A deep dive into the potential nightmare of physical check distribution


EPISODE 3: The Era of Payments as Policy: Part One

In this podcast:

  • Nacha and the CARES Act
  • Economic Impact Payment concerns
  • Overall impact on pre-paid cards


EPISODE 2: APA’s Newest President

In this podcast:

  • Find out how APA’s newest President begins her term virtually and what it was like being sworn in
  • Learn the role volunteering plays in paving your path to success
  • Explore the impact the pandemic has had on the payroll profession

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EPISODE 1: The Strategic Payroll Professional

In this podcast:

  • Hear how the payroll profession has evolved
  • Find out how the payroll professional helps to drive strategic decisions
  • Explore those strategic decisions needed in today’s demanding compliance needs

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