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Thank You Packages, Student Scholarships Back for Money Matters National Education Day

BY: APA Staff | 08/29/22

For young adults starting their first jobs, it can be hard for them to understand their first few paychecks. This is where experienced payroll professionals like you come in. The American Payroll Association is calling for volunteers to educate young adults on important paycheck basics for Money Matters National Education Day (MMNED). The first 300 volunteers will receive a complimentary thank you package from our MMNED Sponsor, Paychex.

All volunteers will receive access to the “Bring Home the Gold” curriculum, which includes a teacher lesson plan, student guide, and PowerPoint presentation. The digital versions of the “Bring Home the Gold” teaching materials make it easy to present the program in person or virtually from the comfort of your own desk. This year, the lesson covers important topics such as the updated Form W-4; gross pay, net pay, and deductions; federal and state taxes; and the benefits of direct deposit vs. paycards.

For the second year, MMNED Sponsor, Paychex, is offering students the chance to win one of three Money Matters National Education Day Scholarships. All they have to do is correctly answer five questions based off the Money Matters student workbook to be entered into the drawing for the scholarships.

This year, MMNED will be held on September 8. The APA will reward one RCH and a citation of recognition to each Money Matters volunteer who teaches. If unable to teach on this day, volunteers can still teach through September 30 to receive RCH credit.

MMNED is an incredible tool to educate young adults and help them gain confidence in financial literacy. Sign up to volunteer today