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Latest Podcast Episodes Explore Payroll Data Analytics

BY: Christine L. Avery | 08/02/22

The American Payroll Association’s (APA) most recent “PayTalk” podcast episodes, one released on July 1 and the newest episode coming out August 5, provide double insight on how to leverage data analytics to help with not only the day-to-day payroll operations but also business operations as well.

For these two episodes, A Primer in Data Analytics: Parts One and Two, our host Nina Talley is joined by the following guests:

  • Mark Thornton, CPA, CPP, a Payroll Tax Supervisor at Southern Company
  • Jim Medlock, CPP, Payroll Compliance Educator at Medlock and Associates and a Former Director of Education & Training at the APA

These episodes cover:

  • Ways payroll analytics can monitor business operations
  • How data analytics can be used to improve employee retention
  • The technological tools to use
  • What questions to ask to get the right analytics
  • How HR can use data analytics for employee projections
  • Ways fraud can be detected with payroll data analytics

If you are just starting your journey with analytics, or you are looking to improve your existing implementations, these episodes will help you better understand the technologies behind the data and how to make it all work for you and your organization.

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Christine L. Avery is the Director of Membership Publications for the American Payroll Association (APA).