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Government Relations Highlights From 40th Payroll Congress

BY: Mike Linehan | 06/09/22

In May, APA and GPMI’s Annual Payroll Congress Convention and Expo was held in Las Vegas, Nev. Attendees had the opportunity to hear directly from APA’s Government Relations staff and federal government partners.

APA’s Government Relations staff addressed some of the key legislative and regulatory issues discussed by members participating in the Government Relations Task Force (GRTF). Here are some highlights.

Legislative Outlook and APA Advocacy

APA Government Relations staff addressed some key issues brought to their attention by GRTF members. These issues included nexus, digital currencies, and data privacy, all of which have come under legislative and regulatory scrutiny in recent months.

SSA Modernization Efforts

Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Chuck Liptz, Senior Advisor in the Office of Earnings and International Operations, took some time to educate and inform payroll professionals on the modernization efforts the agency is undergoing, as well as the resources available to payroll professionals aimed at making their jobs easier.

Other Government Sessions

The APA hosted Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Commissioner Keith Sonderling for a session on artificial intelligence in the workplace, and Nevada Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, who spoke about the skills needed to run for office and work in a state legislature, how priorities are established, and the pros and cons of term limits.

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Mike Linehan is the Assistant Manager of Government Relations for the APA.