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Kentucky Lowers Unemployment Insurance Taxable Wage Base

BY: Lia Coniglio, Esq. | 04/01/22

For 2022, the Kentucky unemployment insurance (UI) taxable wage base has been lowered to $10,800 from $11,100. This means the wage base remains the same as it was in 2020 and 2021. Contribution rates for 2022 will be set at Schedule A. Amended contribution rate notices for 2022 are being mailed the week of March 28 [H.B. 144, L. 2022; Kentucky Career Center, Office of Unemployment Insurance, 2022 Updates and Changes, rev. 3-25-22].

An updated chart of State Taxable Wage Bases for 2019 to 2022 (as of March 31, 2022) may be downloaded. To access the chart from the APA home page select “Compliance” and then “State Unemployment Wage Bases” under “Overview.” The chart is kept updated throughout the year.

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Lia Coniglio, Esq., is Managing Editor of PayState Update and Senior Manager of State Payroll Information Resources for the APA.