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Enhance Knowledge, Professional Skills with APA's Payroll Law Series

BY: APA Staff | 03/25/22

Enhance your knowledge and professional skills with APA's new Payroll Law Series. This new series, sponsored by Tucker Ellis LLP, is a group of four 90-minute virtual classroom sessions and will cover the following topics:

Payroll Law in 2022 and Beyond: New Laws and Regulations on the Horizon
Webinar 1: April 1
  • Understand existing payroll laws and regulations
  • Learn what new payroll laws and regulations are currently being considered by Congress and different states
  • Prepare for any new requirements, and how to find out when changes are implemented
Best Practices for Navigating the New Hybrid Workforce
Webinar 2: April 8
  • Understand the legal challenges of managing payroll for a hybrid workforce
  • Recognize how payroll obligations and requirements may change as a result of some employees working remotely
  • Learn best practices for how to manage both employees who work in a workplace and those who work remotely
Top 5 Most Common Wage and Hour Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Webinar 3: April 22
  • Learn the most common payroll-related mistakes that companies make
  • Determine how to fix these mistakes if you've made one of them
  • Properly communicate to employees that a mistake has been made
Employee Misclassification: Determining If an Employee Is Truly Exempt
Webinar 4: April 29
  • Learn the requirements of the most common salaried positions under the law
  • Develop a protocol to determine which employees should be salaried (exempt) and which should be hourly (nonexempt)
  • Resolve and correct any exempt status misclassifications that may have been made
The series also includes the on-demand session, when available. Please note: Sessions are offered as a series and are not available for individual purchase. On-demand sessions are only available to purchasers of the live series.

All attendees will be entitled to a discount of 10% off of Tucker Ellis LLP’s legal services.

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