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Free Virtual Event for Payroll Professionals, Their Teams, and Colleagues

BY: APA Staff | 02/14/22

On March 3-4, APA and GPMI are hosting the 2nd Annual Payroll Solutions Showcase. This free virtual event is designed to help payroll professionals discover new and innovative payroll-related solutions and give industry service providers an opportunity to reach prospective buyers.

This APA and GPMI collaboration will allow attendees to participate in interactive product demos, case studies, product user interface sessions, and panel discussions. It is available on demand through October 31, 2022.

Education Through Panel Discussions

Attendees can earn up to 4 RCHs by attending four panel discussions:

  • The Next Evolution of Net Pay. The discussion will center on how to stay relevant with offerings related to pay; how many people are really using paycards and earned wage access; delivery methods for pay today vs. tomorrow; and what is next in terms of technology, such as fingertips swipes, retina scans, face ID, and implants.
  • Can Murphy’s Law Have a Silver Lining for Payroll Professionals? During the pandemic, Murphy’s law seems hard at work: What can go wrong will. However, payroll professionals around the globe have risen to the occasion time and time again to handle unending compliance changes, uncertain working conditions, and an endless list of other issues. This has brought the payroll industry to the forefront and revolutionized it in the process. The panel will discuss how to keep this positive momentum going as well as how to continue to drive impactful change.
  • The Implementation Road Less Traveled—Driving With Control, Security, and Data. From timekeeping projects to benefit changes, and even full-blown enterprise resource planning implementations, change is inevitable within an organization and the industry. This panel will discuss control, security, and data implementation through case studies and lessons and warn how to avoid potential implementation nightmares.
  • Rallying Through the Great Resignation. The focus of the panel will be on the Great Resignation—where huge numbers of employees are quitting their jobs. Topics will include: how companies are rallying to confront this; company reevaluation of salaries and compensation packages to ensure they are the top employer of choice; adaptation to remote workforces to broaden potential employee pools; and how vendors are stepping in to help by expanding their service needs and requirements.

Register Your Whole Team

Register here and invite your whole team to register with you. You can also tell industry colleagues or others who may benefit to sign up to attend this free virtual event.