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Latest Podcast Episodes Explore the Human Aspect of Payroll

BY: Christine L. Avery | 02/03/22

The American Payroll Association’s (APA) most recent “PayTalk” podcast episodes, one released on January 7 and the newest episode coming out February 4, provide double insight from a C-suite executive into how and why she believes “payroll is sexy.”

For our first two episodes of the year, The Recipe for a Successful Payroll 2022: Parts One and Two, our host Nina Talley is joined by the following guest:

  • Davida Lara, CPP, an Executive Vice President of Payroll Services for Entertainment Partners (EP) and the 2021 Global Payroll Management Institute’s (GPMI) Global Payroll Titan

These episodes cover:

  • How technology helps make an efficient payroll professional
  • Why payroll and HR make a great team
  • The impact data has on global payroll operations
  • What team leaders can do to help a hesitant team prioritize self-care
  • The secret ingredients to a successful payroll team
  • The importance of relationship management in global payroll operations

As you continue to recuperate from year-end, spend some time with this very passionate senior payroll expert as she shares her career milestones and explores the human aspect that make up payroll—people. In these episodes, she breaks down the lessons learned from the pandemic and unpacks how you can make all of these work for you to create a fulfilling future in payroll.

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Christine L. Avery is the Director of Membership Publications for the American Payroll Association (APA).