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APA Member Selected to Serve on IRS Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee

BY: Alice P. Jacobsohn, Esq. | 09/29/21

The American Payroll Association is pleased to announce that its member James Paille, CPP, has been selected to serve on the IRS’s Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC) for a three-year term [IR-2021-195, 9-28-21]. Paille joins two other APA members on ETAAC: Sherice McCarthy-Hill and Kimberly Pederzani.

Paille has served on APA’s Board of Directors since 2002, including as APA President in 2016. He also serves as chair of APA’s Executive Committee and as a member of APA’s Finance and Audit Committee.

Paille has extensive tax knowledge. He regularly participates in APA’s Government Relations Task Force offering his knowledge of electronic tax administration, especially in preparing recommendations to the IRS. “His sense of humor and leadership skills have helped to create a secure atmosphere for APA members to openly share information, especially on federal tax considerations,” APA’s Director of Government Relations Alice Jacobsohn, Esq., said. “Jim will be a real asset for payroll professionals on ETAAC.”

As the Chief Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary for myPay Solutions at Thomson Reuters, Inc., Paille has written many articles and reports on tax-related topics, including the Form W-4, Employees Withholding Certificate, earned income tax credits, federal tax rates, tax and payroll legislation, and risk avoidance. Paille also serves on the Payroll Subcommittee of the IRS’s Security Summit and previously served as a payroll representative on the IRS Advisory Council.

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Alice P. Jacobsohn, Esq., is Director of Government Relations for the APA.