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Receive Expert Insight on Wage and Hour Issues

BY: Cynthia Crise | 08/09/21

Join the APA for our upcoming #PayNews chat as experts discuss the latest developments in wage and hour issues on Thursday, August 12 at 3 p.m. EDT.

The hour-long discussion will be hosted by Dee Byrd, CPP, PHR, SHRM-CP, and Jim Medlock, CPP.

They’ll share their insight with you on the following questions:

  1. How do you deal with nondiscretionary bonus/commission paid to a nonexempt employee over a period of time longer than a workweek?
  2. How does your organization determine if an employee is exempt or nonexempt?
  3. How does your company manage workers under the age of 18/17/16/15 under the child labor laws?
  4. How does your organization calculate nonexempt employee's overtime hours? Manually, in the time and attendance system, or payroll system?
  5. What FLSA recordkeeping rules do you find difficult to understand?
  6. How do you ensure you are calculating the regular rate of pay for your non-exempt employees?
  7. Does your organization have different workweeks for different groups of employees? And if so, why have multiple workweeks?
  8. How do you ensure employees take meal breaks in the states that require meal breaks for nonexempt employees? 

Join the online discussion directly on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #PayNews and following along on the "Latest" tab. Include the hashtag #paynews in your tweet replies to questions to be a part of the live conversation with your payroll peers.

Cynthia Crise is Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator for the APA.