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APA Government Relations Task Force Establishes Form W-4 Workgroup

BY: Michael Linehan | 07/12/21

The APA Government Relations Task Force Subcommittee on Federal Issues formed a new subgroup, the Form W-4 Workgroup, in June. This group comprises APA members who have worked with key government agencies on changes to the Form W-4 in the past.

The workgroup was created because the Form W-4 continues to be difficult for employees to understand. Payroll managers often are faced with unhappy employees resulting from the challenges of trying to understand the differences between the previous and new versions of the form.

Some key issues for the APA workgroup include calculating amounts for multiple jobs, understanding allowances vs. dollar amounts, and maintaining old and new forms in payroll systems.

How to Get Involved

APA members interested in participating in the workgroup can contact the Government Relations Division by visiting the APA website and clicking on “contact us.”

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Michael Linehan is Assistant Manager of Government Relations for the APA.