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Congress Xstream Live Virtual Expo Offers Chance to Network With Payroll Vendors

BY: Kiko Martinez | 05/04/21

In addition to all of the educational workshops during this year's online Congress Xstream (May 18-21), there will also be an expansive Expo featuring the leading payroll product and service providers.

You can visit virtually with payroll vendors from across the world to learn about state-of-the-art technologies and services to help you and your organizations implement and maintain best practices.

Sure, you’ll miss an actual walk through an Expo Hall, but that doesn’t mean there still can’t be some fantastic conversations and interaction between you and the vendors. After all, everyone wants the same thing: to improve an organization’s payroll processes.

There will be plenty of time every day to network with different product and service providers.

Here is the Expo schedule for the week (all times shown in EDT):

Tuesday, May 18

10:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, May 19

9:30 a.m.- 7:30 p.m.

Thursday, May 20

9:30 a.m.- 7:30 p.m.

Friday, May 21

9:30 a.m.- 7:30 p.m.

While in the virtual Expo, you can also meet some of Congress Xstream’s presenters, APA’s President, APA’s Executive Director, and more, in their networking lounges.

Below is the schedule of Meet and Greets for the week (all times shown in EDT):

Bruce Phipps, CPP

Tuesday, May 18, 12 p.m.- 12:30 p.m.

Wednesday, May 19, 3 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

Thursday, May 20, 3:30 p.m.- 4 p.m.

Friday, May 21, 12 p.m.- 12:30 p.m.

Dan Maddux

Tuesday, May 18, 5 p.m.- 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday, May 19, 4:30 p.m.- 5 p.m.

Thursday, May 20, 2 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.

Friday, May 21, 12 p.m.-12:30 p.m.

Carla Harris

Tuesday, May 18, 3:30 p.m.- 4 p.m.

Lynda Gratton

Thursday, May 20, 12:30 p.m.- 1 p.m.

Daniel Burrus

Friday, May 21, 2 p.m.- 2:30 pm.

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