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APA’s Guide to State Payroll Laws Updated for 2021, Available Online

BY: Lia Coniglio, Esq. | 04/01/21

Lost in a maze of state payroll laws and regulations? Easy-to-read charts simplify complex concepts and place solutions at your fingertips in the new edition of APA’s Guide to State Payroll Laws. The 2021 edition includes guidance on key payroll-related laws and regulations in all the states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

The latest updates include state and local minimum wage rate increases and tip credit allowances, white collar exemption thresholds, state and local paid family and sick leave requirements, state electronic filing and payment requirements and capabilities, state and local predictive scheduling requirements, IRC conformity dates, 2021 state unemployment insurance taxable wage bases, and a new section dedicated to COVID-19-related requirements.

The publication is available online and is updated throughout the year. A softcover book is also available. Need federal and state resources? It is included in APA’s online payroll reference library Payroll Source Plus, also updated throughout the year.

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Lia Coniglio, Esq., is Managing Editor of PayState Update and Manager of State Payroll Information Resources for the APA.