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Access Pegine Bonus Event; Register for Congress Xstream By March 5

BY: Kiko Martinez | 03/01/21

Motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author Pegine is a major part of Congress Xstream this year. She will start early by bringing her years of experience to the virtual conference for a bonus event next week.

Register for Congress Xstream by March 5 and get access to Pegine’s exclusive 90-minute session, Influential Virtual Leadership, on March 10. During this bonus event, which will not be available on demand, Pegine will define what it means to be an effective team leader who can use their vision and strong communication skills to inspire their team. Attendees will earn 1 RCH and learn how to:

  • Communicate more effectively with team members in an organized fashion
  • Create processes and a structure to develop rapport and increase effective communication among team members
  • Build confidence and commitment to being an effective virtual leader
  • Determine how to look positive, confident, and engaging while speaking virtually

Then, during Congress Xstream, don’t miss Pegine’s other workshops, including her Leadership Excellence Series of workshops. The journey will begin with a celebration of the unique aspects that everyone brings to a project and will show participants how that uniqueness can be manifested into successful results.

Both sessions take place Thursday, May 20. They are:

  • Building a Beautiful Organizational Mosaic by Recruiting Colorful, Delightful, Brilliant People to Your Organization
  • Influencing, Impacting, and Inspiring Your Employees for Positive Results

Register for Congress Xstream today for access to all of Pegine’s motivational workshops.

Kiko Martinez is Associate Editor for Membership Publications at APA.