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Latest Podcast Episode Explores Payroll Passion

BY: Christine L. Avery | 01/13/21

The American Payroll Association’s (APA) next “PayTalk” podcast episode that was released on January 8 kicks off the new year with our first international guest talking about passion and what drives us to keep improving payroll.

For our next episode, Stoking a Passion for Payroll, our host Nina Talley is joined by:

  • Max van der Klis-Buskink, RPP, Global Payroll Solutions Manager for Shell and the Global Payroll Management Institute’s (GPMI) 2018 recipient of the Global Vision Award

This episode will cover:

  • What drives you to keep improving payroll
  • How to stay engaged and have fun
  • The skills and competencies most important for global payroll

Join us as we figure out how to fuel ourselves with the passion and energy needed to be a powerhouse payroll professional.

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Christine L. Avery is the Director of Membership Publications for the American Payroll Association (APA).