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APA Now Provides Digital Versions of FPC and CPP Credentials

BY: APA Staff | 09/04/20

The American Payroll Association is always committed to providing you with the tools necessary to achieve your professional goals and we understand that communicating your credentials in an ever-expanding online marketplace can be challenging.

As part of our continuous improvement, APA’s Region 6 Board of Advisor, Melinee’ Cody, CPP, proposed the implementation of digital badges for the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) and Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) credential.

Melinee’ recalls earning her CPP in fall 2000 and wanting to share her achievement with the entire world!

“I told my immediate family and several weeks later, I received my CPP certificate.  I was so proud that I immediately put the framed certificate on my wall in my office. Then I realized the only people that will see my certificate are the ones that come into my office.  At that time, I wished I had other ways to show my accomplishment.”

In her proposal, Melinee’ also mentions how the next generation of Payroll Professionals are enhancing their careers by becoming FPC or CPP certified and once they pass the exam, they will gravitate towards social media to share their accomplishments.

We are now pleased to announce that the APA has partnered with Credly's Acclaim platform to provide you with a digital version of your FPC or CPP credential.

Digital badges are your digital proof of certification. FPC and CPP digital badges enable you to showcase your professional achievement. With your digital badge, you can easily demonstrate your understanding of complex payroll concepts on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as emails, personal websites, and resumes. The FPC or CPP digital badge allows you to provide employers with easy, valid verification of your credentials, while making it simple and easy to communicate your professional knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Candidates who pass the FPC or CPP examination or certificants that continue to maintain their credential through recertification will receive an email notification from Acclaim with instructions on how to claim the FPC or CPP badge. Digital badges for certificants who hold an active FPC or CPP designation is complimentary.

Sharing your skills in a way that can be easily verified with an authentic certification can be the advantage you need to advance your career pursuits. Redeem your badge as soon as the email comes from Acclaim, and begin promoting your success to friends, family, and employers!

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