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Sharon Tayfield, GPMI’s First Global Payroll Titan, to Present at Congress Xstream

BY: Felicia DeInnocentiis | 05/28/20

Sharon Tayfield is the first recipient of the Global Payroll Titan Award, presented by the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI), will speak at Congress Xstream on June 5.

Tayfield is the Director of Global Payroll for BDO LLP in the United Kingdom and was nominated for the 2020 award by a manager in the Business Development division within her company because of her knowledge of global payroll compliance and legislation. GPMI established the award program to allow industry peers to celebrate, recognize, and empower deserving global payroll professionals.  

Tayfield will share some of her knowledge during a workshop she will help present on June 5 during APA’s Congress Xstream. She will be co-presenting "The Global Payroll Culture Map" with global payroll colleagues Kira Rubiano, Head of International Payroll for Auxadi Global Payroll, and Max van der Klis-Busink, RPP, Global Payroll Solutions Manager for Shell International.

The workshop will focus on how culture impacts and shapes the roles of a global payroll professional's day-to-day life.

“Our goal is for the audience to walk away with eyes opened about culture and the impact culture has on how we interact with our colleagues, partners, vendors, and clients,” Tayfield said. “Our hope is that attendees will become culture champions for their organizations.”

Tayfield anticipates teaching the workshop in a virtual setting and the changes it will bring.

“My fellow presenters and I have all had opportunities to teach in a virtual classroom situation given our roles in global payroll,” Tayfield said. “The virtual Congress Xstream classroom will change the way we present the workshop in only a small way.”

Congress Xstream attendees can view Tayfield’s workshop during Session 8, which starts at 10:45 a.m EDT (Webcast C).

Felicia DeInnocentiis is Editorial Assistant for Membership Publications at the APA and GPMI.