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Unlock Your Leadership Potential With the Leadership Excellence Series

BY: Kerry Cole | 05/27/20

Pegine Echevarria, better known simply as Pegine, will bring her feisty, fearless, focused, fun personality to Congress Xstream when she presents her Leadership Excellence Series.

The motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author will celebrate the "unique" in each one of us and how to communicate its value to manifest success.

Pegine is a dynamic force on stage, and she said she will bring the same vigor to a virtual platform.

“Virtual for me means vitality, energy, and enthusiasm,” she said. “My intention is always to produce an extraordinary experience. There is absolutely joy and passion that ignites the audience. Dry, boring, dull are never, ever, ever, ever words audiences use for me.”

Congress Xstream attendees can take part in any or all of these workshop sessions:

June 3, Workshop Session 3
GEMS: Great Engaged Leaders Manifest Success

According to Pegine, this particular session “is focused on the three roles all leaders embrace—who they are as an individual, who they are as a leader, and who they are as an organizational representative.”

June 3, Workshop Session 4
Power Women VALUE

“This program goes deeper into how women can be confident, charismatic, influential, and impactful,” said Pegine. “It covers a range of techniques and strategies that women can use immediately to be seen, be heard, be bold, and be brave.”

June 4, Workshop Session 5
GEMS: Great Engaged Leaders Manifest Success—Deep Dive

"The program introduces you to the 11 principles of leadership and how you can, and must, apply them in your role,” Pegine said. "Your leadership reputation is now even more visible during this transition to the virtual world.”

June 4, Workshop Session 6
Communicate Your VALUE

Finally, this last workshop session helps attendees to “learn the artful way of communicating your value,” Pegine said. “There is a specific process that I have been teaching for decades. It works, it is easy, and it is powerful.”

Pegine said she knows several people in the payroll industry and has consulted with them to develop a program targeted to payroll professionals.

“As a presenter, I choose those people who embody the complexity of the payroll industry and talk to them,” she said. “In a virtual presentation, you are talking to the individual, not a group. It is important that the individual ‘feel’ that I get them, that I understand. I provide solutions, ideas, tips, and tactics.”

Kerry Cole is Senior Editor of Membership Publications for the APA.