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Join the Twitter Discussion on the 'Benefits and Responsibilities of Government Liaison Officers'

BY: Julianna Hunt | 03/24/20

On March 26, APA’s Chapter Relations Department will host a Chapter Twitter Chat through the #APAChapters hashtag. All chapter leaders are invited to discuss the topic “Benefits and Responsibilities of Government Liaison Officers” from 3:00-4:00 pm EST.

Government Liaison Officers, Emma Jackson, CPP and Bill Schmalle, CPP, will also join as Guest Tweeters to share their valuable knowledge and experiences. Don’t miss out on this convenient opportunity to network!

To join, simply login to Twitter and search for #APAChapters, or go to our #APAChapters room on TwChat to easily follow along with the conversation.

Participating chapter leaders will be asked to share answers to the questions below:

  1. Does your chapter currently have a Government Liaison Officer (GLO)? If so, what are their two main responsibilities?
  2. What other important tasks or projects does your chapter’s GLO work on?
  3. How does your chapter’s GLO work with government agencies to keep up with constantly changing legislation and new laws?
  4. How does your chapter’s GLO notify members of changes in legislation and new laws? For example, do you use a newsletter, email, or social media?
  5. What kind of government lobbying does your chapter’s GLO do?
  6. What government officials and/or departments does your GLO have an established work relationship with?
  7. Does the chapter purchase any resources, ie. APA publications, to assist the GLO?
  8. How does your chapter’s GLO assist with the National Payroll Week’s Local Government Outreach Chapter Contest?
  9. For chapters that are considering adding a GLO position, what steps would you recommend they take?
  10. As a GLO, what was the most ridiculous law you had to explain to a chapter member or co-worker?

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Julianna Hunt is Chapter Relations Coordinator for the APA.