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National Payroll Week Chapter Contest Winners Announced

BY: ​Julianna Hunt | 01/02/20

Congratulations to the following individuals, region, and chapters who placed in the 2019 NPW Contests!

Individual Activity Contest

First Place—David Scorza, CPP, ADP

Second Place—Ansleigh Smith, CPP, Primerica

Third Place—Danny Schulz, CPP, Kohler Co.

Online Survey Promotion Contest

First Place—Greater Milwaukee Chapter

Second Place—Lisa Moran, CPP, MAT Holdings

NPW National Education Champions

Winners—Region 4, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas

Chapter Promotion Contest

First Place—Chicago Chapter

Second Place—Atlanta Chapter

Third Place—Central Iowa Chapter APA

Chapter Photo Contest

First Place—San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Second Place—Silicon Valley Chapter

Third Place—North San Diego County Chapter

Honorable Mention—San Diego Chapter

Educational Outreach and Community Services

First Place—Hampton Roads Chapter

Second Place—Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

Third Place—Alamo Chapter of the APA

Honorable Mention—Atlanta Chapter

Local Government Outreach

First Place—Chicago Chapter

Second Place—Alamo Chapter of the APA

Third Place—Atlanta Chapter

Local Media Outreach

First Place—Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter           

Second Place—Alamo Chapter of the APA

Third Place—Greater Milwaukee Chapter

Chapter Relations will soon be accepting entries for the 2020 Annual Chapter Contests, including Chapter of the Year. Click here to learn more.

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Julianna Hunt is Chapter Relations Coordinator for the APA.