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APA Bookshelf Has New and Improved Search Features

BY: Edward Kowalski, Esq. | 12/23/19

The APA Bookshelf has new and enhanced search capabilities for users. Like the rest of the APA Bookshelf, the search enhancements all work in a mobile environment as well as on the desktop. Here is a brief summary of the enhancements.

Improved Search by Topic  

Search results are presented differently to highlight the section where the result was found. Each result also shows where it is found in the publication in which it appears. Publications that do not include those search terms will not be available to select. APA's new search feature allows you to change the scope of your search dynamically, without the need to start a new search from scratch. To expand the search results to include other publications, simply check the box for that publication in the Publications list on the search page. Unchecking a publication box removes results from a search.

View Searches by Relevance or Title and Page

You can now sort your search results in two ways: by relevance and by title and page. The ability to sort by relevance means that search results will be presented in a hierarchy, with hits on headings and titles appearing before full-text results. This allows you to easily scan your results and find what you are looking for. Sorting by title and page allows you to order your searches first by publication, and then by page (presented in numerical order). This is handy if you want to drill down to a specific section of a publication.

Advanced Search Interface

You can link to an Advanced Search page directly from the main navigation page. Above the search box is a link to search tips customized for payroll-related searches. The search box itself also suggests search terms for you as you enter in a search.

Selecting Specific Publications

A Publications drop-down list enables you to select all publications or any combination of publications you want for searching. The Publications drop-down list includes the option to search within the collected issues of Payroll Currently and PayState Update.

Narrowing Search Results by States or States

You can search for a combination of states and topics. This is particularly helpful for APA’s Guide to State Payroll Laws. The states in the state dropdown menu are presented in alphabetical order, and you can check as many boxes as you want.

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Edward Kowalski, Esq. is Manager, Payroll Information Resources, for the APA.