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Apply for an APA Education Grant by February 11

BY: Nancy Fletcher, CPP | 12/18/19

I must admit, I am a knowledge junkie. I love to attend workshops, webinars, classes, and, most of all, APA’s Annual Congress. Every year I have watched the Payroll Education Grant winners at Congress and thought, “I can do that.” What could be better than to be able to attend Congress for free and get the whole library of APA books and PayTrain®? To be honest, there is nothing that I love better than having the publications.

I finally got the nerve to apply! To start out was a little daunting. I was worried about getting not just one person, but two people to write letters of recommendation for me. What if I did not have enough community service? What is enough? But as you start the process of going through the things that you have done, or are currently doing, it is amazing how much you find you have accomplished.

The best part is that you can take your time with the application process, and I did. I started it, and then went back to it, and stopped and started so many times. I think the hardest part was writing a 100-word document amount myself. As to getting the recommendation letters, I ended up asking someone who I work with in our local chapter (and also a very dear friend). I also asked my boss to write one. (He was so proud that he attached that letter to my review.) I figured that would give a good, rounded picture of my commitment to both my job and the APA.

I feel very strongly that it is my job to keep my company up to date and in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Winning the Wisely by ADP Payroll Education Grant and getting all of the APA’s books help me do my job. They keep me up to date and give me the confidence to know that we are doing what we must do. As the knowledge helps keep us compliant, it also saves the company money in interest and penalties.

The grant has also allowed me to help the members of my local chapter. We can discuss what is new. We have presentations on topics that you would think would not need review, but we have found that everyone needs review of the payroll basics from time to time.

I have encouraged my chapter members and I would also encourage all APA members to apply for a grant. Not only could you end up with a wonderful wealth of knowledge, but you might also learn more about yourself.

Apply now by going to, logging in, and going to the “Membership” tab and selecting “Education Grants.” Applications are being accepted through February 11.

Nancy Fletcher, CPP, is the Senior Payroll Manager at HD Supply. She is the co-chair of the Government Relations Task Force (GRTF) Payroll Cards Subcommittee and a member of the GRTF State and Local Topics Subcommittee. She is also a board member of the APA’s Orlando Chapter.