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Spotlight on the Certification Item Development Task Force

BY: Rosemarie Fraumeni, CPP | 12/16/19

What is the full name of the APA committee or task force?

The Certification Item Development Task Force (CIDTF).

What is its purpose?

To write quality items (questions) for the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) and Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exams.

How many members are on this task force?

It varies—there’s no limit on the number of members. We have both mentors and writers and currently there are seven mentors and 12 members.

How often does the task force meet?

We have a “writing season” that starts at the end of August and finishes at the end of September for the writers. Mentors and the Chair finish at the end of October.

What are you most proud of about being on this task force?

I am very proud of the quantity and quality of the items this committee creates. Many of them say they didn’t realize how difficult it is to write an item until they first sit down to do it.

Why should someone join this task force?

You must hold either an FPC or CPP designation to be on the task force. If you have a passion for payroll and the importance of certification—join us!

Name one important accomplishment this task force has tackled?

We held our first in-person item writing event in September 2018. There, we created more than 200 items/questions in two days!

What is one goal the task force is working on or one you would like to see the task force achieve?

We are hoping to expand the in-person writing event to include more committee members. We are also considering an off-cycle virtual writing event during the winter.

How can a member of the APA join this group?

Let Rali Petrova, APA’s Certification Manager, know you are interested in joining the CIDTF. Send your bio and résumé to her at [email protected].

Rosemarie Fraumeni, CPP, is Director of Payroll for Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care. She is a Vice President of the APA’s Board of Directors and is Chair of the Certification Item Development Task Force (CIDTF). She is also a member of the APA’s Education Advisory Committee, the Government Relations Task Force (GRTF) IRS Issues Subcommittee, and the National Speakers Bureau (NSB).