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Chat with Experts to Learn How to Process 1099-MISC Like a Pro

BY: Cynthia Crise | 11/12/19

Join the American Payroll Association for our upcoming #PayNews chat on Thursday, November 14 at 3 p.m. EST as we share tips that will make your 1099-MISC processing a breeze.  

The hour-long discussion will be hosted by Alice Jacobsohn, Esq., APA’s Senior Manager of Government Relations, and Jodi Parsons, CPP, Director of Payroll for the Kansas City Royals and current APA President.

They will share their insights with you on the following questions:

Q1- How does your employer address employee-independent contractor classification?

Q2- How do you track business records for non-employee payments?

Q3- Are your Forms 1099-MISC managed by payroll, accounts payable, your tax department, or outsourced and how do your processes and systems communicate?

Q4- What problems do you encounter in getting nonemployees to complete a Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification?

Q5- How do you address backup withholding?

Q6- What training does your employer provide for Forms 1099-MISC?

Q7- What process do you use to check for errors on Forms 1099-MISC?

Q8- Are you already preparing for the revived Form 1099-NEC, Nonemployee Compensation, and how will it help you to track nonemployee payments and file on time?

Q9- The Taxpayer First Act became law in July 2019 and requires the IRS to create an internet platform for preparing and filing Forms 1099-MISC by 2023. Will this platform help you? Why or why not?

Be a part of the online discussion by using our online portal Twchat or participate directly on Twitter by following along with #PayNews and including the hashtag in your tweets.