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Need to Be Ready for Year-End Now

BY: Karen Ward, CPP, and Steve Hodgson, CPP | 10/28/19

If you were asked today if you’re ready for year-end, would your answer be, “Why? It’s only October” or “Of course! It’s already October!”

It’s no secret that preparation is essential for a successful year-end. Why not get geared up and have your year-end process ready to roll before you must push the so-called magic button? You can do that by attending the APA’s Preparing for Year-End and 2020 courses, which are offered in person at classes, as live webinars, and as on demand webinars.

Careful planning will allow you to redirect some of your valuable time toward the changes and education needed for the substantially changed 2020 Form W-4. January 1, 2020, will be here before you know it. The changes associated with the new Form W-4 must be up and running long before your Forms W-2 and ACA reporting processes are due on January 31.

The annual Preparing for Year-End series presented by the APA is the most popular educational series available to payroll professionals. Instructors share the most current legislative changes dealing with tax and labor laws. If any legislative changes are released while a class is in progress, the APA will even update the course information with this late-breaking news on the spot!

Preparing for Year-End and 2020 will help payroll professionals become aware of legislative changes, as well as understand how to handle those changes to maintain compliance. A well-trained payroll professional is the best investment a company can make to avoid paying fines and penalties for noncompliance.

The APA can equip you and your staff with the awareness and knowledge of changes and how to best implement your practices and strategies to close out 2019 and to enter the new year worry-free.

Here are some highlights from this year’s course:

  • Learn how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will continue to impact your organization
  • Understand the redesigned 2020 Form W-4
  • Find out the latest developments in the resumption of SSA’s no-match letters
  • Examine the DOL’s proposed increase in the white collar exemption salary threshold

    Year-end processing is a year-round activity. Do you have a year-end plan that addresses these topics and many other matters that directly impact the successful reporting of your Forms W-2, 941, and 940? And, while we perform many of the same activities year after year, we may need to adjust our processes and procedures to keep everything on track.

Class Types

Preparing for Year-End and 2020 will be presented in person in 45 cities nationwide over three weeks, beginning October 21. Check the dates for locations near you on the APA website at (search for “Preparing for Year-End”).

What if your schedule doesn’t allow traveling to an all-day class? The APA also offers this vital seminar as a four-part webinar series. It’s as simple as registering and logging in. Even if the dates of the live webinars aren’t convenient, you can register for the on-demand versions. These recordings of the live webinars fit nicely into your schedule as time permits.

Class Offerings

The APA also offers a webinar series for Advanced Year-End Issues with topics such as:

  • Common paymaster rules
  • Expatriate and nonresident alien taxation and reporting requirements
  • Taxation and reporting of executive compensation
  • Health savings account reporting on Form W-2

These topics are only covered in the advanced webinar series, so be sure to register now.

Other special-interest information is also available. Check out the Government/Public Sector Preparing for Year-End and 2020 in both seminar and webinar formats. And for companies with employees in Canada, the Canadian Payrolls Preparing for Year-End and 2020 is a must.

No matter how prepared you are, now is not the time to pass up the most comprehensive tax and compliance education of the year. It’s no secret. You can always learn more to protect your company’s profits by staying in compliance. Get the most crucial information for planning a successful year-end.

January will be here soon. Now is the time to get ready with the APA’s Preparing for Year-End and 2020. Be sure to register today at

Karen Ward, CPP, is Director of Payroll Training for the APA. Steve Hodgson, CPP, CPLP, is Director of Payroll Training for the APA.