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APA's 2019 Survey of Salaries and The Payroll Profession Available For Download Now

BY: APA Staff | 10/21/19

The American Payroll Association's newly updated 2019 edition of Survey of Salaries and The Payroll Profession is finally here and ready for APA members to download—AT NO COST!

Sponsored by Fidelity Investments, this biennial resource, valued at over $149, provides a detailed look at the payroll profession from the inside. Find out how payroll departments across the country handle staffing and salaries, payment practices, payroll processes and functions, and more.

Cross-tabulated results by Forms W-2, as well as by geographic region, make it easy to research and compare detailed information from payroll departments nationwide on:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Payroll trends and technology
  • Operations, management, and costs

Why wait any longer? Get your 2019 copy of the Survey of Salaries and The Payroll Profession right now. Because you're an APA member, and thanks to Fidelity Investments, it won't cost you a thing.

It's one more reason that it pays to be an APA member!