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APA Supports Legislation to Deter Government Shutdowns

BY: William Dunn, CPP | 08/14/19

APA is urging U.S. Senators to pass S. 1877, the Government Shutdown Accountability Act, as a reasonable approach that would encourage senators, representatives, and administration employees to prevent a federal government shutdown and yet retain the flexibility for important debate about the federal budget. In a lettersent on August 1, APA said, “Our members interact with federal agencies on a daily basis, in which a federal government shutdown creates a significant burden on the ability to conduct business.”

Bill Provisions

S. 1877 ensures that critical federal government decisionmakers remain in Washington, D.C., or return to the city, until an agreement is reached on federal appropriations. The restrictions include implementation of an automatic continuing resolution at previous year levels, a required quorum vote at noon each day in the House of Representatives and Senate to confirm attendance, no consideration of measures other than appropriations until a bill is signed (except emergency legislation), and no use of taxpayer-funded travel for the Office of Management and Budget, cabinet members, representatives and senators, and committee and personnel staff of the House and Senate. The travel restriction also applies to reimbursement and use of campaign funds.

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