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Payroll Chat on Help Desk Ticketing Systems Rescheduled for July 18

BY: Brandy Gaskins | 07/15/19

Join the APA for our upcoming #Paynews payroll chat on Thursday, July 18 at 3 p.m. EDT. We’ll be joined by experts from the Emerging Technologies subcommittee of the Strategic Leadership Task Force to discuss how you can strategically use a payroll help desk ticketing system!

Members of the subcommittee will share insight into measuring the success of your help desk solution, the benefits of help desk automation, having a searchable knowledge base, and more!

During the hour long chat they will discuss the following questions:

Q1-Does your company have a payroll help desk? If yes, what software do you use for tracking issues?

Q2-Do you think help desks only work in a shared services environment? Why or why not?

Q3-How do you measure metrics of success or performance?

Q4-Do you have an FAQ for employees to utilize prior to accessing the help desk through self-service capabilities? Why or why not?

Q5-Is there any automation involved in your help desk ticketing system? If yes, for what?

Q6-As part of the help desk procedures, is there a searchable knowledge base for the help desk agents to use to standardize responses?

Q7-Do you require all help desk employees to answer all questions or to specialize in certain areas such as tax, garnishments, etc?

Q8-Are there service level agreements defined for response times and satisfaction?

Don’t miss your opportunity to chat directly with payroll experts and your peers about the benefits of a payroll help desk ticketing system. Be part of the conversation by joining our chatroom portal Twchat or participate through your Twitter account by following along with #Paynews and including the hashtag in your tweets.