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APA Protects Certification Program in Michigan

BY: APA Staff | 06/25/19

APA expressed concerns to Michigan senators about potential negative impacts on its voluntary certification programs under a state proposed bill. S.B. 40, the Legislative Council Act, would modify the review process for the state’s occupational licensing regulations.

Although S.B. 40 aims to balance market competition with consumer protection in state occupational licensing, APA is concerned that the bill could damage its Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) and Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) programs. The legislation focuses on occupational licensing but also would subject voluntary private-sector certification programs to inappropriate government oversight, if the bill is passed.

“APA recommends that the Michigan Senate except private-sector voluntary programs, like APA’s certification program, from S.B. 40 and ensure that individuals who credential through private-sector programs are not precluded from publicly announcing their proven knowledge and skill,” APA said.

APA pointed to the stringent requirements to participate in the FPC and CPP programs, including prerequisite work experience, educational offerings, and testing. These requirements already take into account barriers to entry into the payroll profession. Because colleges and universities do not offer degrees in payroll management, APA’s certification programs are a primary means for payroll professionals to demonstrate their skills and advance their careers. APA’s programs are not a barrier, but a means of entry.

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