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Gain Insight into Building a Cohesive Payroll Team

BY: Brandy Gaskins | 05/06/19

Join the American Payroll Association for our upcoming #Paynews chat on Thursday, May 9 at 3:00 p.m. EDT. APA experts and your peers will share their best practices for structuring your payroll team and including team members in the decision process to help you be on your way to developing a rock star payroll team.

The hour-long online discussion will be hosted by the American Payroll Association and experts from Kronos Incorporated.

They’ll share their insight with you on the following questions:

Q1—What is the single biggest barrier to creating a high-performing payroll team? What solution would you propose?

Q2—How does your team handle multi-tasking and prioritize which projects to complete-especially if your payroll department is small?

Q3—What would you do with more time in your day? What payroll process would you like to automate and what strategic activity would you like to focus on?

Q4—What type of contingency planning should organizations create as issues occur where payroll cannot be processed? How does your team train and prepare for this?

Q5—Do payroll teams at your organization have access to the same professional development opportunities as other job functions, such as HR? Do you find there is a clear career progression? Why or why not?

Q6—What advice would you give to a payroll pro who suddenly finds themselves promoted into a team leader role for the first time?

Q7—What specific skill sets do you identify as a good fit for someone looking to take the payroll career path?  These could be both tangible and soft skills.

Q8—Is there a payroll skills gap in 2019, and if so, what is the biggest obstacle that may be preventing future payroll practitioners from entering the profession?

Q9—To attract younger professionals to the field, can payroll teams take better advantage of flexible schedule, flex time-off, and remote work? What other benefits should payroll leaders be thinking about?

Q10—What will be the biggest challenges for payroll administrators in 2020 and what steps do they need to take now to be prepared?

Be part of the conversation by joining our chatroom portal Twchat or participate through your Twitter account by following along with #Paynews and including the hashtag in your tweets.