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Talk Online Payroll Research With the APA April 11

BY: Brandy Gaskins | 04/09/19

Join the American Payroll Association for our upcoming #Paynews chat on April 11 at 3:00 p.m. ET. APA experts and your peers will share their best practices for using internet and online resources to do federal, state, and local payroll research.

The hour-long online discussion will be hosted by the American Payroll Association’s Lia Coniglio, Esq., Manager of State Payroll Information, and Edward Kowalski, Esq., Manager of Payroll Information Resources.

They’ll share their insight with you on the following questions:

  • As a payroll professional, how often do you come across questions that require you to do research on the Internet?
  • Do you like to start your research with secondary sources like payroll books or articles for an explanation of the issue or go directly to websites for primary sources like statutes, regulations, and guidance?
  • If a co-worker or peer sends you a blog article about new rules or regulations impacting payroll, like paid sick leave requirements, how do you make sure it’s true?
  • When you need to research payroll questions, do they tend to be federal issues or state/local issues?
  • Where do you go to research federal laws, like the Affordable Care Act or the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act?
  • What are the most helpful websites you have found to research state laws?
  • Local Research can be hard due to limited informational resources. Where do you start your research?
  • Where do you start your research If you want to implement a paycard program at work?
  • Overall, what are your favorite "go to" websites for your payroll research?
  • What payroll research question has given you the most trouble in finding an answer?

Be part of the conversation by joining our chatroom portal Twchat or participate through your Twitter account by following along with #Paynews and including the hashtag in your tweets.