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Economic Census—Your Response Makes a Difference

BY: APA Staff | 12/27/18

Responses to the 2017 Economic Census survey were due in June, and APA has learned that the response rate has been lower than expected. Completing the Economic Census allows the U.S. Census Bureau to provide free and quality data that can benefit your business. Your response is not only required by law, it is valuable and important to your organization as well. Although the official due date has passed, the Census Bureau is still collecting responses. Take the time to respond if you received a request for information.

Businesses that received the Economic Census but have not yet responded have received two past-due notices in the mail with instructions on how to comply and get assistance. In addition, the U.S. Census Bureau emailed an official message to those who accessed their account but have not yet completed their response. This message contains the subject line “Important Notice from the U.S. Census Bureau.” If you have not received these notices, there is nothing for you to do at this time.

If you need assistance or need more information, visit the Information for Respondents page at the Economic Census website.

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