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IRSAC Role to Expand, Absorb IRPAC, ACT in 2019

BY: APA Staff | 11/09/18

The IRS has announced that the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council’s (IRSAC) role will expand in 2019 to incorporate two other advisory groups: the Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee (IRPAC) and the Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities (ACT) [IR-2018-212, 11-1-18; 83 F.R. 55928, 11-8-18]. IRSAC’s name is also changing from a “Council” to a “Committee.”

In looking at combining the three groups, the IRS found they frequently had common overlapping issues – such as technology modernization and digital services. The new IRSAC will focus on four subcommittees tracking the four IRS operating divisions: Wage and Investment; Small Business and Self Employed; Tax Exempt and Government Entities; and Large Business and International. IRSAC will also continue looking at other areas at the IRS beyond those divisions.

In 2019, there will be 36 members on IRSAC. Three APA members who currently serve on IRS advisory committees – APA Corporate Member Advisor Jim Paille, CPP, and APA Director Emily Lindsay, CPA, who had been serving on IRPAC, and Martin Rule, CPA, who is serving on IRSAC – will continue their terms on the new IRSAC next year.

“As a former chair of IRSAC, I’ve seen firsthand the value this committee brings to the IRS and the tax community,” said IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig. “The new committee structure will provide the tax community a bigger, more prominent platform to make recommendations regarding taxpayer service, enhancements in enforcement and utilization of technology. This new structure will continue to provide an important voice for the information reporting and tax-exempt communities.”

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