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October 11 Payroll Chat: Preparing for Year-End and 2019

BY: APA Staff | 10/08/18

With all the recent changes to payroll from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, are you prepared for year-end and 2019? In this month's #PayNews chat, Jim Medlock, CPP and Karen Salemi, CPP, FLMI, will share their best tips for successfully closing out 2018 and beginning to prepare for 2019.

The discussion begins at 3 p.m. ET on Thursday, October 11. Be part of the conversation by joining our chatroom portal Twchat or participate through your Twitter account by following along with #PayNews and including the hashtag in your tweets.

Below are the questions that will be discussed throughout the hour:

  1. What do you do to make sure that all of the taxes are balanced and reconciled?
  2. What sort of reports do you use to balance year end, where do you get them and have you created any custom reports.
  3. How are you complying with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act requirement to include moving expenses in taxable income?
  4. How are you communicating with your organization’s employees the need for them to check their withholding using the IRS’ Withholding Calculator?
  5. What activity do you find most important to ensuring an effective, efficient, and penalty-free year-end process?
  6. When new tax tables are available in your system, what steps do you take to check the tables are correct?
  7. To meet the January 31 deadline for filing W-2 forms with the SSA and most states, what techniques are you using to ensure you have the taxable income data timely?
  8. When do you start your year-end project and what is the first task in your list?