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IRS Releases Revised Publication 1494 That Corrects Exemption Amounts

BY: APA Staff | 09/20/18

On September 6, the IRS released a revised Publication 1494, Tables for Figuring Amount Exempt From Levy on Wages, Salary, and Other Income, that corrected several exemption amounts.

APA had pointed out minor errors in the exemption amounts to the IRS earlier, so the agency released the revised tables. One more error remains to be corrected (head of household, paid daily with 3 dependents should be $117.11, not $171.11).


On May 1, the IRS issued a revised 2018 Publication 1494 with updated exempt amounts based on the increased standard deduction and the number of dependents claimed instead of the number of exemptions, which reflects changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA; Pub. L. 115-97). The revised tables had a few errors, which the IRS corrected in the September 6 release.

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