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Upcoming Chat Answers Questions on Tax Reform

BY: Brandy Gaskins | 08/06/18

The tax reform has brought along many changes for payroll professionals. In this month's online #PayNews payroll chat, Hope Williams, CPP, Director of Payroll Training at the American Payroll Association, and Larry White, CPP, Director of Payroll Training at the American Payroll Association, will discuss how to remain compliant under the tax reform.  

Here are some of the questions they will focus on during the hour-long chat:

  1. How have the reduced supplemental tax rates affected bonus payments from the standpoint of your employer and employees?
  2. What has your company done to encourage employees to use the IRS Withholding Calculator?
  3. What feedback have you heard from your employees concerning the effect on them of the increased Standard Deduction and elimination of the Personal Deduction?
  4. Have there been any conversations within your company about taking advantage of the corporate tax incentives in offering employer paid family leave to employees?
  5. Has there been a shift in your company’s benefit plan stemming from the removal of employer tax incentives from qualified transportation fringe benefits?
  6. Do you find the change in calculation of Federal Tax Levies—from using Number of “Exemptions Claimed” to Number of “Dependents Claimed”—more or less cumbersome to administer?
  7. Do you think the instructions for the revised 2019 Form W-4 will be understood by your employees?
  8. Has the change in calculating Cost of Living Adjustments which caused reductions in the previously announced social security wage limit and the foreign earned income exclusion had any effect on your employees?
  9. Have you found the changes states are making to their income tax procedures to be helpful to your organization?
  10. How does your organization handle moving expense reimbursements now that they are no longer non-taxable qualified benefits?

The discussion begins at 3:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, August 9. To join the conversation, use our chatroom portal Twchat or participate directly through your Twitter account by following along with #PayNews and including the hashtag in your tweets.