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State and Local Payroll Information on APA’s New Website

BY: APA Staff | 04/24/18

The American Payroll Association’s newly redesigned website has more state and local payroll compliance news, information, and links than ever before. Learn what is available and how you can quickly access everything you need.

State and Local News

APA will continue to update its website with short descriptions of the latest State & Local News. The most recent items can be accessed by selecting News & Resources from the menu at the top of the APA home page. Next, select State & Local News under the APA News heading. You will then see a list of the state and local payroll compliance news items, with the newest item displaying first.

State and Local Links

The APA provides state and local links of interest to payroll professionals in its Resource Library. There are links to state agencies for:

  • Child support
  • Labor
  • New hire reporting
  • Tax
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Unclaimed property
  • Workers’ compensation

There are also links to local tax agencies for those states with local payroll taxes.

The state and local links can be accessed by selecting News & Resources from the menu at the top of the APA home page. Next, select Resource Library. Then enter the desired topic in the Search Resources box, and filter by Resource Type, specifically: Web Links – Local, Web Links – Organizations, Web Links – State, or Web Links – Federal.

Example. To find state child support agency links, enter “child support” (do not actually use quotations) in the Search Resources box and select Web Links – State. You will get an alphabetical list of state child support agencies (each with its own USA map image). Click on the state you are interested in and the website will open.

Example. To find local links for a state, enter the state’s name in the Search Resources box and select Web Links – Local. A search of “Pennsylvania” leads to seven links for the earned income tax, the local services tax, and local taxes in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

In addition, you can search right from the APA Home page. Using the search feature in the top right of the screen (look for the magnifying glass icon), enter the subject you need.

Example. Type in “New York tax” and click to submit to find state and local tax links for New York. After you get your search results, select Resources. The link to the New York Department of Taxation and Finance is displayed, along with links regarding local taxes in New York (for New York City, Yonkers, and the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax). Click on whichever View More button you are interested in.

State UI Wage Bases

The popular list of state unemployment insurance (UI) taxable wage bases from 2015 through 2018 is accessed by selecting Compliance from the menu at the top of the APA home page. Next, select State Unemployment Wage Bases under the Overview heading. That will take you to the page where you can then click on the Download button for a file containing the state wage bases. The file will be updated throughout the year as needed, and in the fall for 2019 wage base amounts.

Hot Topics

Access the Hot Topics section of the website by selecting Compliance from the menu at the top of the APA home page and then Hot Topics under the Overview heading. This contains the latest news and information affecting payroll compliance on several topics, including Multi-State Taxation. Read a summary of the topic and find links to more information, including education links.