Our Core Values

The following APA core values and beliefs define what's important to our organization, so that we can most effectively benefit yours.


We possess a vision that encourages others to learn, innovate, and share insight. We motivate others to make a positive difference in their own lives with courage and integrity today and in the future.


Everything we do is a team effort. We inspire, challenge, respect, and support team members to be their best and always maintain positive working relationships.


We are devoted to fulfilling APA's mission by providing education with enthusiasm and constantly striving to learn, develop and improve in all that we do.


We know that our members have to be 100% accurate in their jobs, so we do not settle for anything less in what we do in service to our members.


We are empowered to solve problems, suggest ideas for improvement, and propose new programs to better serve our membership.


We continuously build and encourage a mindset that celebrates the uniqueness among persons, ideas, and values.


We have fun at work, which leads to a dynamic company culture. A dynamic company culture boosts productivity. We work hard but we play hard too!