James Medlock, CPP


Here's to You Jim Medlock, CPP


We all wish you the same success in retirement as you have given to the more than 20,000+ APA members over the course of your 26-year APA career!

"My first memory of the APA was when I received a membership brochure in 1982 or 1983," said Jim, "Then in the fall of 1984 when I received the CPP certification handbook, I knew this was what I needed to do, which led me to join the APA."

First as a member . . .

Pictured with fellow APA members Fred Basehore, CPP; Dina Rand, CPP; and Diana Robertson, CPP, at the 9th Annual Congress.

Jim was named Payroll Man of the Year at APA's Congress in Nashville in May 1991.


Then as an APA staff member . . .

Pictured with APA staff members Liz Herrera and Anna Hilton.


Soon as an APA retiree . . .

And, as Mickey Rooney, the iconic actor, once said: "Don't retire – inspire." Jim has certainly inspired many of us! Cheers Jim!

Please take a moment below to share your well wishes or memories with Jim, who will be retiring from the APA the end of 2018. You can read all about Jim's payroll career in the November 2018 PAYTECH issue.