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Oct 11, 2017, 08:17 AM
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We create opportunities and forge a community by providing the education, skills, and resources necessary for payroll professionals to become successful.


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APA sets the standards for payroll excellence through certification programs at two levels. Explore the benefits of certification for you and your staff.

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Compliance – Hot Topics

Find out what compliance topics payroll professionals are focusing
on this year.


Compliance TV

In this edition:

  • IRS announces business standard mileage rate and releases Publication 15-T
  • Many more states react to the new Form W-4
  • APA unveils 2020 compliance calendar

Courses & Products

Form W-4

2020 Form W-4 Webinar On Demand

Want to avoid Form W-4 anxiety and disruption of your payroll department? APA's 2-part course will show you how! Part 1: Form W-4; Part 2: Publication 15-T.

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Payroll Practice Essentials

Payroll Practice Essentials

Acquire the payroll knowledge, skills, and abilities required to ensure payroll compliance. This course teaches fundamental pay calculations through hands-on exercises, then moves on to more complex concepts and calculations.

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Payroll Certifications from APA

FPC Bootcamp

Fundamental Payroll Certification Boot Camp is a comprehensive 12-session, virtual course that will provide you with the tools and resources to effectively study the material, practice and apply your learning, and pass the exam.

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Payroll Source Plus

Payroll Source Plus

Payroll Source Plus is an online, subscription-based payroll reference library, providing you with the federal and state laws, regulations, and information to keep your company's payroll operations in compliance.

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