APA Bookshelf Help Videos


APA Bookshelf Help Videos

The APA Bookshelf houses APA's online payroll compliance and research-ready library, providing you with the federal and state laws, regulations, and information to keep your company's payroll operations in compliance. The videos on this page will aid you in navigating and utilizing this powerful resource. For other tools, visit the APA Bookshelf for the How to Use the APA Bookshelf guide, FAQs, and a Tutorial.

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APA Bookshelf: logging in

This video explains how to log in to the APA Bookshelf to see the publications you subscribe to.

Duration: 2:10 minutes



APA Bookshelf: using footnotes

This video explains how to use footnotes in The Payroll Source® to find laws and regulations.

Duration: 7:46 minutes



APA Bookshelf: using editor’s notes

This video explains how Editor's Notes supplement the statutes and regulations in APA's Federal Payroll Tax Laws & Regulations and APA's Federal Payroll Non-Tax Laws & Regulations.

Duration: 3:59 minutes



APA Bookshelf: using the Table of Contents

This video explains how to use the Table of Contents from the APA Bookshelf home page or within a publication to do your payroll research.

Duration: 3:05 minutes